We have a beautiful, private therapy room on the premises that is used by an array of experienced therapists, offering a wide range of therapies. Read more about our range of treatments and therapies below:


Therapeutic massage designed to specifically treat problem areas of tension in the body. Using myofascial release and trigger point techniques in combination with soothing and relaxing movements, this gives a very enjoyable and balanced treatment.

  • €30 – 1/2 Hour / Back Massage
  • €60 – 1 Hour


This gentle, soothing massage is designed to administer therapeutic essential oil blends into the body. These oil blends are suitably tailored to the individual’s needs and have many physical and emotional benefits, some of which are calming, balancing, uplifting and stress relieving.

  • €35 – Back Massage / 1/2 Hour
  • €70 – Full Body / 1 1/2 Hours


This traditional type of massage uses various techniques like cupping, hacking and kneading to relieve the muscles of accumulated tension and stimulate blood flow, invigorating and relaxing the receiver at the same time.

  • €60 – Full Body / 1 Hour
  • €30 – Back Massage / 1/2 Hour


This is a seated massage, focusing on the neck, shoulders, upper arms, head and face. It is an excellent choice for relieving tight shoulders, tension headaches and improving hair and scalp health, by use of nourishing oils and stimulating massage techniques.

  • €45 – Per treatment – 45 Mins
  • €150 – Course of Four


An ancient Native American therapy designed to relieve sinusitis, tinnitus, excess ear wax and tension headaches. The candle creates a gentle vacuum, suctioning out excess ear wax, balancing inner ear fluid and improving the circulation and lymph drainage of the head. Combined with a gentle neck, scalp and facial massage focusing on pressure points, this therapy makes for a very effective tool to relieve congestion in the head, ears and sinuses.

  • €45 – Per treatment – 45 Mins
  • €150 – Course of four


This type of massage can treat various injuries not necessarily caused by sports. Any kind of musculoskeletal injury will benefit from this treatment, e.g. tennis elbow, sciatica, frozen shoulder etc. Pre- and post-event massage is also available to help prepare and recover muscles for or from any type of physical exercise.

Price depends on length of treatment time needed. This will vary depending on the individual and problem being treated.

  • €30 – 1/2 Hour
  • €60 – 1 Hour


Chinese medical massage using acupuncture points and meridians without the needles. Very effective at releasing tightness and congestion from the body. Can be used as a general treatment to relax and improve Qi flow or tailored specifically to an individual treatment plan. Full consultation required.

  • €60 – 1 Hour
  • €70 – Initial Consultation and first treatment for specific treatment plan.


  • Kinesiology / Allergy testing – Bernadette McIntyre 087 6799450
  • *Clinic on a Saturday once a month – Book appointments in-store.
  • Nutritional Therapy – Aisling Kirwan 087 2507714
  • Homoeopathy – Ashleigh Tobin 087 7465882
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Louise Burke 087 1215983
  • Bach Flower Therapy – Michaela Bertsch (Registered Practitioner) 087 1791096
  • Acupuncture + Cosmetic Acupuncture – Neil Kinsella 086 3461675


All our treatments are tailored for the individual being treated and the products used are the best quality natural skincare and oils available. Consultations are treated with the utmost privacy.