Bernadette McIntyre

Most commonly known and used as Food Allergy Testing, Kinesiology, pronounced ‘kin-easy-ology’, refers to the study of muscles and movement in the body.


“Muscle Testing” is used to detect and correct various imbalances in the body, which may relate to stress, nutrition, learning difficulties like dyslexia, pain and injuries etc. It is a touch therapy that links traditional chinese acupuncture meridians and energy balancing with western muscle testing and anatomy and physiology. The idea is to bring about balance in the body by releasing energy blocks, eliminating toxins, reducing tension and enhancing the body’s natural healing ability.  Stress release is a major part of kinesiology and fundamental to its effectiveness.  The techniques are very simple but very powerful.


Some of the conditions dealt with are asthma, allergies, IBS, sinusitis, skin problems, nutrition and environmental testing.


Bernadette McIntyre is a member of many professional bodies including The Kinesiology Association of Ireland.

Ph: 0402 41869